Ceiling Insulation

Ceiling Insulation

Roofs and ceilings work in conjunction when it comes to insulation. It can save up to 45 percent on heating and cooling energy with roof and ceiling insulation.

  • Install insulation under the roofing material to reduce radiant heat gain.
  • Install insulation in the ceiling to reduce heat gain and loss. In most cases ceiling insulation is installed between the joists/trusses directly on the ceiling.

Ceilings can be insulated with blown, poured, or blanket/batt-type insulation materials. Fiberglass or polyester blankets may be used and installed on top of ceilings between beams. Cellulose Loose fill is poured or blown into place. Ensure that the ceiling can support the weight of the insulation required.

It is possible to add insulation to almost all roof types common in South Africa, and even if some effort is required to lift roofing, the benefit is well worth it. Adding or “retrofitting insulation to existing buildings provides a major opportunity to increase comfort and reduce energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions.


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