Acoustic Insulation

Acoustic Insulation

Acoustic insulation is a type of soundproofing that prevent sound from entering or exiting an enclosed space by creating a barrier between the interior and the exterior area. Because sound is able to travel in more than one fashion, the exact process and choice of materials used to manage sound insulation will vary. In some cases, the insulation does effectively reduce sound transmission, but does not completely eliminate the transmission of sounds.

One of the more common approaches to acoustic insulation is the creation of a barrier of some type between the origin of the sound and the surrounding area. The installation of panels on interior walls is one example. With this application, the panels contain foam or other materials that can help to absorb echoing, reverberations, or other types of sound transmissions.

Another option with acoustic insulation involves inserting sound-reducing materials within an existing wall. While this approach does not eliminate sound from penetrating the wall itself, it can usually absorb enough of the sound to minimize the amount that emerges on the opposite side of the wall. This approach is often used in apartment buildings and other areas where people live and work in close proximity.


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