The focus of our Association has always been on our Members, to ensure that quality products, compliant with SABS Standards are produced. However, the best insulation can be ruined if not correctly installed.
With the promulgation of the Energy Efficiency Regulations in 2011, roof insulation became compulsory in certain new buildings and extensions. There has always been different formal trade occupations registered in South Africa, such as carpenter, bricklayer etc. but no official training on the installation of thermal insulation. TIPSASA decided to rectify this matter by developing a training course to ensure that the necessary skills and knowledge needed to work in the thermal insulation industry, is provided.
Formal registration is in progress with the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO) and the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) and the official training will commence in 2018. The Insulation Installer , as it is registered on the Organizing Framework for Occupations (OFO) consists of two part qualifications, one, Building Insulation Installer and two, Industrial Insulation Applicator, addressing the specializations in the industry.

CPD Training for Professionals

We are constantly approached by Professionals to assist with continuous professional development. Our Association will gladly assist and also do have professionals available that present courses endorsed by our Association. Current courses available are on SANS 10400-XA Energy usage in buildings – should you be interested, please contact us for more information.

DateTopicCPD Points*LocationDuration
17th July 2018SANS 10400-XA                         1.2 CPD          Durban1 Day
27th July 2018SANS 10400-XA                         1.2 CPD          East London1 Day
3rd August 2018SANS 10400-XA1.2 CPD          Gauteng / Pretoria1 Day
28th August 2018Thermal Insulation Course 0.4 CPD          Durban
5th September 2018SANS 10252-1 Water Reticulation1.5 CPD        Cape Town1 Day
7th September 2018SANS 10400-XA1.2 CPD          Cape Town1 Day
21st September 2018Thermal Insulation Course 0.4 CPD          Gauteng / Pretoria1 Day
15th October 2018SANS 10400-XA1.2 CPD          Durban1 Day
17th October 2018SANS 10252-1 Water Reticulation1.5 CPD        Durban1 Day
14th November 2014Thermal Insulation Course0.4 CPD          Cape Town1 Day
16th November 2018SANS 10400-XA1.2 CPD          Cape Town1 Day
23rd November 2018SANS 10400-XA1.2 CPD          Gauten / Pretoria1 Day